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Our service.

With a team of experts whom possess a wealth of experience in healthcare recruitment, we are perfectly positioned to deliver a high-quality recruitment service to your organisation. We understand the challenges and unique demands of the healthcare industry, so whether you’re looking for nurses, doctors, carers, or any other type of healthcare staff, we can provide excellent staffing solutions.

We aim to offer a personalised service to each of our clients, building a partnership where we can identify your specific needs and preferences and deliver a service that consistently exceeds your expectations.

Why red.

Industry leading compliance
Excellent candidate experience
Expert healthcare consultants
Nationwide Coverage

How we work at red

Compliance Process

Our compliance process has been designed with both our clients as well as our candidates in mind. Thorough and robust, our compliance department ensures that all of our candidates are fully compliant before they start working, and we have many systems in place to highlight any issues so they can be addressed quickly and efficiently.

Candidate Selection and Development

We take great steps to ensure that our candidates are vetted to the highest standards. From our detailed interview process to providing constant development opportunities, we believe that by taking great care of our agency workers, we're putting them in the best position to deliver exceptional care to our clients.

Expert Consultants

At Red Group, our team of expert consultants possesses all the required skills and knowledge to find the perfect candidates for your vacancies. We have a deep understanding of the day-to-day challenges faced by the healthcare industry and we take great pride in delivering an exceptional experience.

Exceptional Screening

Our clients always expect us to adhere to our exceptionally high standards. Therefore, in order to ensure that we consistently deliver the same quality of service, we thoroughly screen all our candidates to ensure they possess the required levels of qualifications, skills, and experience. Our in-house clinical team conducts detailed interviews with all of our healthcare staff to ensure they are of the highest standard.

Get in touch

With a high number of registered candidates available across the UK, our expert consultants are able to assist you in finding the perfect workers for your vacancies, no matter your requirements. Speak today with a member of our team and let them know about your recruitment challenges. By understanding these, we will be able to present you with a solution that takes the stress out of managing your resources.

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